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Our Gallery

Here you will find the most beautiful works made by our customers, artisans, teachers, students, students, etc.

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ana gomes_edited.jpg

Ana Gomes

Appointed teacher at Rolo Arte Pigmeu, Ana Gomes has the greatest and best techniques on how to use Pigmeu materials, having excellence in all of our company's products.

Nayara Tatiane

Partner of Rolo Arte Pigmeu, check out some works on the side  ->

nayara tatiane 3_edited.jpg
nayara tatiane 2_edited.jpg
nayara tatiane_edited_edited.jpg
aadriana marangoni 3.jpg

Adriana Marangoni

Works by Adriana Marangoni

adriana marangoni_edited.jpg
adriana marangoni 2_edited.jpg

Jane Crafts

work by jane

jane artesanato_edited.jpg

Would you like to be part of our gallery?

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