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Quality products,
best price on the market,
durability, strength,
made especially just for YOU!!!

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Performance and ergonomics are some of the great features that Pigmeu materials have!

Azul Ícone Clean e Moderno Medicina e Sa

Charm x durability...

Pigmeu products, in addition to having elements of extreme quality, have beautiful and innovative designs, giving a charm that only we have!

Azul Ícone Clean e Moderno Medicina e Sa


Here you will find different types of materials for different forms of art, making your work and creation even easier!

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Pygmy roll with refills

Polyester foam, ultra resistant cable

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REF: 001

Wood knot stamp M

Silicone, ergonomic resin base 

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REF: 072

Checkered cork roll

Ultra resistant cable, last generation cork

Textured Sponge N 1

polyester sponge 


REF: 019

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REF: 040

Chamuá flower effect leather brush

Extra fine leather, reinforced wooden handle


REF: 062

Alpha Pygmy Sandpaper

Backed in foam, 320 G sandpaper

pigmeu site (5).png

REF: 050

single omega pygmy roller

Durable handle, polyether foam

pigmeu site (1).png

REF: S001

Learn more about Pigmeu products, download our catalog 

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Cópia de Cópia de Cópia de Cópia de Sem nome_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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